Designed to establish near instantaneous network

and communications for a variety of industrial applications.

Mobile SmartKits

The SmartKit Air portfolio fits conveniently into the overhead storage of most commercial aircrafts. Designed for almost instantaneous set-up and tear-down.

Portable SmartKits

The Portable SmartKit Portfolio features the broadest array of form-factors designed for robust end-points and requirements. Ideal for diverse field deployment needs.

Stationary SmartKits

The stationary SmartKit suite features enclosures ideal for new-construction and temporary facilities that require connectivity and communications.

A Truly Smart Kit


checkmark.png Flexible Design Options

          With the Completely Managed Kit Design as a Service option, you can customize and brand your very own SmartKit platform.


checkmark.png Capture Real-time Data

           Get access to critical data at the time it's captured with the SmartKit LCSE-OT reporting engine.


checkmark.png Power and Go

         All devices are pre-configured and ready for the field based on the customer desired inputs. Imagine your own datacenter in a box!

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