Making it easy to help your customer move from stand-alone hardware, computers and software to a consolidated, centrally managed platform.


The LCSE-OT Base offer centralizes the administration and automation software for both the Process Automation System Server (PASS) and Operator Work Station (OWS) servers on to a single server blade.

EWS or Historian Add-ons

The flexible LCSE-OT platform add-ons can centralize the administration and software for the Engineering Work Station (EWS) and historian.

On-Site or Cloud Back-up

Additional LCSE-OT modules enable local or cloud based back-up of the selected software and configuration for each module.

The Life-Cycle Services Engine Node (LCSE-OT)


checkmark.png The Right Server for the Joblcse_deploy.png

        The LCSE-OT is designed specifically to address the small and medium customer              who requires; redundant power, flexible storage and compute options,                               and independent interfaces at a competitive price point that matches the solution            size.

checkmark.pngA Flexible Server Alternative

        The LCSE-OT offers a flexible and reliable alternative for all micro-computing                   requirements. It supports several network application based purposes including;                management, monitoring, security, assessments, storage, virtualization, and                       Telephony PBX capabilities.


checkmark.pngModular Design for Maximum Diversity

        Depending on the applications required, the LCSE-OT is configured with the                     appropriate compute modules to support the overall requirements. The LCSE-OT             keeps things simple, standards-based and provides a cost effective way to Virtualize         a smaller environment without the cost and size of many Data Center centric offerings.

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