Securely extend plant floor automation alarms without re-engineering your entire network.

Enable alarms to e-mail or paging accounts

E-mail notifications allow for one or two way notifications and acknowledgements. Through rich or plain text templates mutliple interface types are supported.

Extend alarms to mobile or landline devices

Voice and text messaging notices are supported across VoIP, analog, and mobile devices. Smartphone applications are also readily available across all standard mobile operating systems.

Integrate into your HMI, SCADA, or DCS system

Many core platforms are supported today including; GE Intellegent Platforms, Rockwell Automation Platforms, and Wonderware systems. Contact us today to learn more.

Alarm Relay Anytime, Anywhere



checkmark.png No Radical Network Redesign Required

        Work with Completely Managed to integrate seamlessly into your existing                         environment and enable alarm relay to your designated devices off-plant.


checkmark.pngLeverage Existing Systems

        Completely Managed can work with your existing plant HMI, SCADA or DCS system         for both on-premise and cloud based Alarm relay services.


checkmark.png Complete Alarm Relay Platform Options

         Leverage existing paging systems, phone infrastructure, mobile devices and tablet            computers to receive, acknowledge and respond to alarms.


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